الاثنين، 21 ديسمبر 2009


Today my life almost comes to its end
When my finger irrationally pressed send
It wasn’t me I swear I said that I will wait
But what shall I say or do now it is my fait
Or coz my dying heart defeated my brain
And as a winner decided to forget his pain
By writing a msg about his last relation
How he is living in a miserable situation
Because he couldn’t find the wanted diam
And at last you came at the perfect time
To save and to recover my sensitive soul
To heal my scares and to cover my hole

Telling that how for her I would only bend
And without her presents I wont wend
Believing that she might be my soul mate
And I'm hoping for at least 1 single date
Just to go with me to a trip on the train
Or to walk her once home under the rain
Then I'll 4 sure figure out an explanation
I'll tell her about my great expectation
And how my utterance becomes a rhyme
The moment I see her not like a lime
But alas she did not even replay at all
And she also refuses to answer my call

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