السبت، 27 فبراير 2010

Come Back

Since you left me I remain awake each night till Dawn
Calling your lovely name in an out loud specific Tone

I memorize all the mountains & the rivers on the Moon 
Because I was told that you live there in a fairy Zone 

I learn by heart all the stars places and when they do Leap
I know wither they tell the truth or they have smth Deep

Trying to get you back although I still don’t know Why
You went away in the first place and you decided to Fly

But when they feel sick of me are you going to be There
Plz for the love of GOD so I can be again the old Sir

الخميس، 25 فبراير 2010

First Word With The Most Gorgeous

I really do still remember the specific date 
When we both were so tired and too late
When I followed you near the uni gate
Then I stopped you asking you to wait
Telling you in strange way and straight
How do you appears gorgeous and great
I still remember your smile and your smell
And how for the 1st time I felt weirdly well
Asking you politely to call me on my Cell
Since in that day I felt that I am badly Ill
Cause I have lots of things with no 1 to Tell
And then there would be no need to go hell

السبت، 13 فبراير 2010

Till Death Do Us Part

Love is not a thing you can easily find or simply buy
No matter how hard you search or how hard you try
Love from GOD with no answer so don't even ask why
If you fall in love with someone you like for him to die
You become a king of the world if he or she just says hi
You wake up smiling as if you are under drugs or high
I keep dreaming of the day when I start calling you my
The day when I wear my black tuxedo with the red tie
I will remain faithful I swear and I will never ever lie
Before you show up I was living like any normal guy
When I used to stay up all night gazing waiting to cry
Looking at my room roof or at the dark black high sky
No one to share my feelings or to hear me when I sigh
When I used to woke up looking pale from what had dry

الخميس، 11 فبراير 2010

One Day

One day 4 sure I will win your hand
Then I will fly with you to my land
Just like that without telling any man 
Where are we headed or about the plan
I will ask from our beloved band
To sing & we'll dance on the sand
Till midnight when the band become wan 
Then under the moon we will rest from the ran