الأحد، 25 أبريل 2010

Love Mistreat

Just listen to me baby and please take a seat
Because I am tired and I am not going to repeat
When I see you I feel happy and I can't control my beat
I also sweat from everywhere because of my heart's heat
I gave you what I wrote from prose each one on a sheet
But instead of reading it you stepped on it with your feet
I gave you a rose which I gladly stole from the street
But you put it in your breakfast dish in order to eat

السبت، 24 أبريل 2010

I Loved You

I have really nothing for her to say 
It's time now for me to move away 
This time I wanted to chose my mate 
Because I have never chosen my date
I tried my best getting her closer 
But I am nothing now but a loser
I gave everything to impress her 
Now I lost everything because of her
You know what bother me the most 
She didn’t gave my feelings its cost
I was on fire but she was so cold 
I gave her my heart to keep & to hold
Alas she was the women of my dreams 
But that was nothing 4 her as it seems
Hope she finds what she is looking for 
Now I am going to close the door
GOD help me to keep it this way 
Not to waste my feelings till my day