الجمعة، 19 مايو 2017

My Immortal Butterfly - May 19, 2017

When you feel powerless and unwanted
When you feel a misfit and unwelcomed

If you choose to undertake all that is stated
Don't accept and endorse all the hatred

Life isn't meant to be lived like a jail
Whenever I see you, you look pale

Leave everything behind you and sail
You don't want to stay there and fail

Find a home and start building a new life
You might end up lucky and find a wife

So keep your windows open at all the time
A butterfly might comes in to cheer your clime

To add colors to your miserable story
To help you restore your desired glory

She might give you some reasons to hold on
Faith that one day soon this life will go on

Then never think of the consequences
Believe and trust all your five senses

Be courageous enough to speak up
Get yourself together and startup

Will you be my immortal butterfly;
For better or worse till the day I day?